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    Elleeplex Profusion Refills 5&10 pks
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Shelby Jones and Candy D'Angelo are Co-owners of Elleebana Beauty and authorized Distributors for Elleebana USA. Elleebana is a globally
recognized company that creates high quality
beauty products along with world-renowned
education for the beauty professional.

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Become an Elleebana Certified Stylist.

It’s time to go to the next level and
introduce your clients to an easy, low
maintenance service. Elleebana is an
Australian born and globally loved lash and brow company that has been in the
industry for 25 years! Elleebana
lash lift is a 45min service that
completely transforms your client’s
lashes lasting 6-8 weeks.

I am a licenses esthetician in Scottsdale and was recently trained by Candy D’Angelo for Elleebana Lashes. It was literally the best training I’ve ever had, with a professional trainer. Candy was so engaged and supportive during the class, and I’ve had excellent support since. You have a very gifted teacher associated with your organization, and I will tell anyone that needs local training what class acts both Elleebana, and Candy, are!

– Francie Donkerbrook

Shelby was awesome! I learned so much so quickly. She was
super thorough, very knowledgable, and a great instructor. Highly recommend if you are looking to learn lash lifting thru Elleebana. I thought about doing the online class but this was well worth the drive to work on live models and see a live demo. Thanks Shelby!!

— Aileen G.

"I took the Elleebana Lash Lift & Tint course with Shelby, she is super knowledgeable, friendly, organized and down-to-earth! She helped me not only with learning a great technique but how to better market myself. Her studio is super cute and comfortable and the downtown area where it's located is gorgeous and so fun to hang out! I totally recommend going to Shelby for lash training, she's the best!!!"

— Dezi G.

I just wanted to express my gratitude for Candy at Candylashaz!! What A Gem!  I’m so happy I took her Elleebana Lash Lift/Tint training. She’s created a beautiful space for training. I appreciate how thorough and kind  she is with her training! I’m so thankful she is my  “go-to -gem” for all things lash lift & tint! Let’s Lift,.

– Cinthya Williamson