FLEX RODS! The beauty of them!

Are these for real?  Who would make something so revolutionary that it makes our jobs as Lash Lift and Lamination artists even easier?  I have the answer.....Elleebana!  One of the things I love most about Elleebana is that when we create a system for you we continue to evolve that system, and give you more tools to master your skills.  This is one of those times.  

Meet the newest addition to the Elleebana family, Flex Rods!  You may be asking what's the difference between these and our Original rods?  Let's break it down.

What the difference?

  • Ultra soft silicone material with a beautiful C curl curvature and a petal to provide more grip and accuracy.
  • Excellent grip and fit for the eyelid.
  • No adhesive required on the back!
  • Saves application time!
  • Takes the worry out of irritation on the skin from adhesive.

How do they work?

Start your service by following your Elleebana Lash Lifting or Lash Lamination procedures.  

  • Cleanse the eye area thoroughly with your Elleebana Makeup Remover.
    Our Elleebana Makeup Remover leaves very little residue behind which allows for less barriers between the skin and the Flex Rod.
  • Using damp cotton pads, bathe the makeup remover off.
  • Using dry cotton pads, dry the eye area.
  • Determine the perfect rod size by using your original measuring method to pull the lashes up past that imaginary 1/2 way mark on the belly of the Flex Rod.
  • Position your Flex Rod, marked accordingly for Right Eye and Left Eye, close to the lash line following the curve of the lid and press in place, Voila!
  • Apply our Elleebana Adhesive to the front of the Flex Rod and start lifting! Tip: Don't forget to let your adhesive get a little tacky, this will help the adhesive grab onto those lashes.

    One last thing...remember to thoroughly bathe the lashes after lotion #2 to release the lashes from the Flex Rod and then simply peel the Flex Rod off.

    How do I sanitize my Flex Rods?

Bathe them in anti bacterial soapy water and follow up with a Barbicide or State Regulated disinfectant solution and/or Alcohol wipes.


Our Flex Rods still come in 4 sizes

  • Small pair - Short lashes
  • Medium pair - Medium length lashes
  • Large pair - Long lashes
  • Extra Large pair - Unicorn lashes 

Order your Flex Rods today at www.elleebanabeauty.com and enjoy!