Isolation 411

Did you know proper isolation can make or break your lash lifts? We’re here to give you some tips & tricks to help improve your isolation game! 

What even is isolation? Well, it’s properly placing and separating the lashes on the rod or shield. Similarly to when you curl your hair, you separate each section of hair which helps the curl turn out how you want. 

Remember, how the lashes appear on the rod is how they’ll look when your done. This is because your lift lotion is breaking open the disulphide bonds in the lash and the setting lotion is bringing back the pH levels and locking the lashes into place. If your lashes aren’t properly isolated, they could appear messy, kinked or not evenly curled. 

So let’s get into our tips on what TO do! 

  1. You want to make sure you’re starting to lift the lashes from the outer corner and working your way in. This will help keep the lift even, helping the lashes stay straight up vs having them look angled. We want the lashes to stand nice and straight for optimal results. 
  2. Work in small sections. Instead of placing adhesive along the entire rod or shield and quickly lifting all the lashes up, you want to apply adhesive in a small section on the outer corner and lift about 5-15 lashes at a time. This gives you an opportunity to not only lift the lashes but have time to isolate the lashes properly before the adhesive dries. 
  3. Not using too much adhesive. Although you do need it to lift the lashes, too much adhesive can add a barrier which will cause the lift and setting lotions to not penetrate properly, resulting in a mediocre result. If a clients lashes are really stubborn and you find yourself needing to use quite a bit to get them to hold, we’ve got a trick! When all the lashes are on the rod and the adhesive is dry, take a damp q-tip and roll it over the lashes. This will help breakdown some adhesive without causing the lashes to come off the rod. 
  4. Try different tools to find your favorite. Some people love using the isolator tool and others love using the tree tool. Us? We like to use a mix of both! We find using the isolator tool to carefully lift the lashes up onto the rod and then combing over with the tree tool gives the best of both worlds! 

Isolation 411

If you’re struggling with isolation, reach out to us. We’d love to help you figure out some personalized tips and tricks that will help you with this step. We also offer an amazing online lash lifting course that’s packed with all the information you need to feel more confident in your lifts! 

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*picture credit goes to the amazing & talented artist Emilee Gourley @barefaced_beauty*