Relaxation Method

Let’s talk the relaxation method!

Did you know Elleebana has a relaxation technique that can reverse a lash lift?

I’m sure you have a million questions - why would you need to perform this method? How is it even done? Do you use the rods? What about processing times? I am going to give you all the information you need so you can perfect this technique! It’s actually quite simple and every technician should know how to do it!

Most technicians have come across a situation where you accidentally over process a clients lashes, whether they are over curled or look crisscrossed. This procedure can be performed immediately after a lash lift, on the same day if necessary.

Learning how to reverse a lash lift can bring you peace of mind as a lash artist. If a new client comes through the door needing your help, you'll know exactly what to do - earning a client for life.

Instead of lifting the lashes onto the rod, you will just use a mascara wand to brush the product through - no rods needed. So here’s a step by step:

1. Make sure client keeps their eyes closed during the entire procedure.

2. Dispense the lash lift lotion into a mixing dish & then apply the lotion to the lashes using a mascara wand, lip brush or microfiber brush and apply in a gentle manner. Avoid putting lotion on the skin or eyelid - you want the lotion on the lashes only! Keep applying enough lotion so all the lashes are covered, making sure you complete this process under 1 minute.

3. Brush through the lashes while holding at the ends stretching them gently in an outward motion. Continue doing this process along the lash line so you are getting all the lashes that need to be relaxed.

4. After a minute or two, you will noticeably see the lashes start to relax. Make sure you keep an eye on the time! This process usually only takes 2-4 minutes max!

5. Once the first step is complete, rinse the lashes fully with water ensuring there is no residue left.

6. Repeat the steps above - now with the Setting Lotion. The only difference is you only want to leave the setting lotion on for 1-2 minutes max! Work quickly, but carefully to ensure product doesn’t get on the skin or eyes. Remove with water, ensuring all product is removed.

7. Once the lashes are clean, gently dry the lashes using a hand held fan while brushing the lashes with a mascara wand.

Click the link to watch a video demonstration by Elleebana to ensure you perform it correctly.

So what should you charge your clients to have this technique done? Since you are still using the same product to perform the relaxation, you need to account for your product costs + time. I personally charged half of the cost for a regular lash lift for clients that came in needing a lash correction or for those clients who no longer want a lash lift and want their lashes relaxed.

As always, we are always here to answer any questions you may have! Send us an email You can also sign up for one of our online or hands-on courses so you can learn all the ins & outs of the Elleebana Lash Lift!

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