Can I tint the lashes while they're still on the rod?

Every week I am asked...Can I tint the lashes while they're still on the rod?  This is a great question so let's break it down.  

Let's talk about how tint works.   Our new Elleeplex Profusion Color System is safer to use around the eye area utilizing only a 2% oxidant, but here are some things to keep in mind.  When tint starts to process, the penetration of the tint spreads up, down and around each individual lash depositing color into the cortex of the lash creating beautiful, lasting results.  We need to be cautious of applying tint too close to the lash line or around the skin as the tint will expand as it travels through the lashes.  Since tint is not designed to come into contact with the skin or lash line/water line it is important that you tidy up this area using a micro brush or Qtip/Cotton tip.

Can I tint the lashes while they're still on the rod?As we know the eyelid skin and the surrounding area is so delicate and more susceptible to environmental damage, disease and infection.  Our lashes have one primary job, other than looking fabulous, and that is to protect the eye from any kind of matter, debris or dust that it comes into contact with.  When the lashes are glued and lifted onto the rod we are exposing the delicate lash line and we are putting the eye at a higher risk factor.  

This is just one example Elleebana does not encourage tinting while the lashes are still on the rod.  But let me challenge you with a question!  If you are following Elleebana protocol using our One Shot Lash Lift system or Elleeplex Profusion Lash Lamination system what critical step are you missing if the lashes are still on the rod come time to be tinted?  You got it!  The answer is "bathing the lashes".  As you know, Elleebana deactivates those active ingredients in our lotions by doing a thorough water bath with the removal of Step 2 resulting in lashes being released from the rod.

Education is our number one priority, please feel free to reach out to us with all your Elleebana questions.