The Difference Between the Lifter Tool and New Isolator!

If you have been using Elleebana for a while, you know what the old lash lifter tool looks like and for those who aren’t as familiar, here is a picture:

While this tool is amazing for beginners, Elleebana came out with a new, sharper version called the isolator tool. Let’s just say this bad boy is all the rave!

Here Are My Top Reasons Why I Love It:

1. It has a longer handle so it’s easier to hold.
2. The tip of the tool is sharper, making it easier to separate the lashes once they are on the rod.
3. Longer edge so you can lift more lashes onto the rod.

If you have been looking for a tool that provides great separation, while making it quicker to lift the lashes onto the rod, look no further!  As always, if you ever have questions about Elleebana product or just need a little support, you can reach me by email

Educating you while offering constant support is my number one goal over here at Elleebana Beauty!

XO, Elleebana Beauty