To Glue or Not to Glue - Elleeplex Profusion Brow Lamination

To glue or not to glue……That is the question!

How many of us have asked ourselves this very question while performing a Brow Lamination?  I know I did!  Let’s break it down.

Lash lifting adhesive is used in some brow lamination systems.  However, our new Elleeplex Profusion brow lamination does not require adhesive.  This is a game changer!  Elleebana has created a system that allows for a brushing method to stretch the hairs while breaking down the bonds within the brow hair.  Sure there may be times when a little adhesive is needed to secure the tip of an unruly brow hair and this is perfectly ok.  

Let’s crack the myth of adhesive being used as a barrier to protect the skin from the lamination lotions.  Adding adhesive to the skin can alter the skins natural pH which can lead to the risk of sensitivities.  So now we are adding lotions on top of the adhesive which can again further the pH level of the skin.  As we all know, the formulas that make up our lotions have a very high level of water content thus breaking down our adhesive that was supposed to be our barrier to protect the skin.  So the barrier that we were trying to create has now been weakened by the water content in the lotions.



*Contains no Thioglycolate Acid (TGA) or Sodium Bromate in our Lotions

*Does not require adhesive

*100% Vegan product

*Gentle enough to use on finer lashes


Elleebana has found a highly effective way to laminate the brows and lashes with amazing, beautiful, consistent results.  Isn’t it time you see for yourself what all the noise it about, go to our SHOP page to order a sample pak or a bundle pack.


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