Violet is the new Black!

Looking to up your tint game?... keep reading!  Sure we love our Elleeplex Profusion and Belmacil black and blue black combinations but let's chat about violet!  I know what you're thinking..."will using violet in my tint mix turn the lashes purple?"  The answer is no.  By adding a ratio of violet tint into your black or blue black tint will give you a whole other level of deep black with just a hue of purple that makes those lashes POP!  Black tint offers you a beautiful, straight up matte black finish and blue black adds that deep black sheen.  Elleeplex Profusion and Belmacil Violet tint is absolutely stunning on all eyes and hair color but especially green, blue, hazel and violet eyes, blondes, gingers and light brunettes.  Did you know that there is such a thing as violet colored eyes!  This is the rarest of eye colors, an actual unicorn.  Can you imagine those lashes after using our Elleeplex Profusion or Belmacil violet tint on them?
Violet is the new Black!
Here's a couple of examples for you to try out!

For Blonde lashes
100% Violet

For Light Brunettes, Gingers
50/50 Violet & Black 
50/50 Violet & Blue Black

Elleeplex Profusion and Belmacil tint and oxidant can be used together.

Use Elleeplex ReGEN Nextgen at a ratio of 1:8, 4 parts tint, 4 parts oxidant, 1 part Elleeplex ReGEN Nextgen in your tint mixture to add that extra boost of conditioning, moisture boosting and hair strengthening. 

Finish up your service using Elleeplex Aftercare, this is also a great retail daily conditioning treatment for your clients.

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Candy + Shelby


photo by Amy Carnelley