Elleebana Lash Lift Aftercare

Your client just got a lash lift and they are smitten!

I mean, who wouldn’t be with their perfectly lifted lashes that make you want to flutter and show them off to everyone. Now, how can we keep those beautiful lashes last and stay looking lifted for the 6-8 week period and possibly longer? The answer is simple…Elleeplex!

What exactly is this product and how can you implement it into your salon? Elleeplex is enriched with nutrients and amino acids that support and protect lashes while promoting the ultimate lash growth! This lash serum also includes sunflower oil extract, an antioxidant that helps protect the hair. Above all, it gives longer lasting results with lash and brow tinting! I like to keep Elleeplex in my treatment room and apply this product on every client after the service while explaining the benefits - emphasizing the importance of aftercare to help give them longer lasting results. This is a great way for you to introduce the product to your client, making it an easy sell.

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