the story of us.

Elleebana Beauty is proudly owned and operated by Shelby Jones & Candy D'Angelo.

We met in March of 2017 for the first time while attending Elleebana's USA symposium in Gilbert Arizona. We stayed in close contact and the friendship began to blossom from there. We found that we both shared the same vision which was to create a strong foundation where professionals could find education, professional products, support and most of all a feeling of community.

We are honored to be part of the Elleebana family and to provide you with our dream team throughout the US and continue to support you and help you reach your personal and professional goals.

Shelby and Candy are honored to be apart of the Elleebana USA Training & Distribution team for over 5 years. Both have loved helping educate hundreds of licensed professionals in the service of Lash Lifting, Brow Henna and Brow & Lash Lamination.

Outside of working hard, we have our playful side too! Our birthdays are only 5 days apart, we both love to salt our tortilla chips, we rate our restaurants according to the pretzel & cheese appetizers, we're both obsessed with cuddly blankets and we always find time for shopping on zoom calls with each other.

Candy and Shelby both have the amazing support of their husbands and family and Shelby is a boy mom through and through to her beautiful son Linkin.


Official Distributor and Trainer

We adhere to the Elleebana Standard and would love to be your partner in cultivating a profitable and successful beauty business!

Elleebana’s world renowned lash lift system brings you and your clients the best in Lashes, Brows and personal education.

Join Our Community!

We strive to bring community, support and further education to you. We believe that education is key and knowledge is power! We are eager to help and support you and want you to feel confident when using Elleebana products in your salon.

Join Us! We are here to support all licensed professionals. Whether you need to jump on a call with our team or want to sign up for one of our courses - we promise to be with you every step of the way. Here at Elleebana Beauty, we adhere to the Elleebana standard and strive for excellence in our customer service & classes.

To schedule a call if you are needing support or to troubleshoot, send us an email: or text us 480-679-5950.