BELMACIL: We always recommend a 2-1 ratio. Use 1/2 a centimeter of tint with 2 pea size drops of oxidant!

ELLEEPLEX PROFUSION: is a 1-1 ratio. You want a pea size amount of tint to a pea size amount of oxidant.

Both Belmacil + Elleeplex Profusion process fairly quickly!

After a lash lift, you will process on the lashes for 5 min.

Without a lash lift: 10min

Brows: Anywhere between 5-15min depending on the color you are using.

Unopened, your tint and oxidant has a shelf lift of 2 years!

Once opened, you have 12 months to use the product.

Yes! You can use the Belmacil oxidant with the Elleeplex Profusion colors and vice versa.

Belmacil has a 3% oxidant and Elleeplex Profusion has a 2%. You won't notice much of a difference and these can easily be intermixed.

Depending on how your client removes their makeup and if they're using an oil based remover, it can last on average 2-6 weeks.

If you client uses an oil free cleanser like our Elleebana Makeup Remover, the tint will last longer.

Your clients can also apply the Elleeplex Aftercare Formula to their lashes & brows. This product contains sunflower oil which helps with tint longevity.

You can watch a video demonstration over on our IG

Please feel free to send us an email with any questions.

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