Course Outline

After your purchase of the training, we will send you a 5pk one shot lash lift & an original lash lift adhesive in the mail.

You will receive a link within 24-48h rs after purchase allowing you to access your online portal to the Elleebana Excellence Academy.

You will then complete your training in your online portal - taking a few quizzes along the way. The course will give you all the detailed concept of lash lifting as well as lots of tips and tricks to master the art of lash lifting.

You will have 3 months to complete your course.

After completing your training, you will submit 5 case studies to us for review in order to receive your official Elleebana certification.

We will review your case studies together so I can give you all the tips & tricks to get the most dramatic results.

Topics we cover:

  • Active ingredients & product knowledge
  • Step by step application process
  • Product information, including usage & storage
  • Contraindications & patch-testing
  • Eye shapes & face considerations
  • Lash lift reversal
  • Lower lash relaxation
  • After-care advice & benefits of retail products explained
  • How to take a good before & after image
  • Case study submissions & review

Is this course right for you?

You will need to have prior knowledge and understanding of the following before taking this course:

  • Eye anatomy
  • Hair & lash structure
  • Client/technician well-being & self care
  • Health, safety and sanitation
  • Eye shapes and face considerations

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If you do not feel confident in the list above, we highly encourage you to take the full Elleebana Online Lash Lift Course. Here are additional topics that we cover in the full training that you will not receive in the conversion course:

  • Science of lash lifting, functions and the chemistry elements
  • Profitability & income potential
  • Client/technician well-being & self care
  • Health, safety and sanitation
  • Consultation, reactions, indemnity forms and proper licensure
  • Eye shapes and face considerations
  • Elleebana facial acupressure
  • In-depth marketing strategies
  • How to capture award winning images on social media
  • Secrets to win lash lift competitions
  • Frequently asked questions with detailed explanations
  • Elleebana’s in-depth lash lift manual

If you feel like you need to cover any of the topics listed above, we highly encourage you to enroll in our full course.

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