While training is not required, it is highly encouraged! In order to fully understand the product line, you need training. With Elleebana, we teach you all the ins and outs of performing an Elleebana Lash Lift, product theory, tips/tricks, advanced processing times, eye shapes, when to use a rod vs shield, contraindications, reactions, photo taking/marketing and so much more!

You will also receive a lifetime support from the brand. If you want your lash lifts to be consistent and have the confidence each time you perform this service, we highly recommend training! Elleebana offers hands-on and online classes to suit your needs. We have trainers all over the world who are ready to help you learn the art of lash lifting! So let’s find a trainer near you!

This is probably the most asked question I receive! While it would be nice if there was a “one size fits all” answer, there’s just no way there could be with Elleebana Lash Lift. Here’s Why - LASH THICKNESS.

Each client will have a different lash density/thickness. If we did the same processing time with each client, you wouldn’t have consistent results. Some would be perfect, but others would be over-processed or under-processed. It’s important we are customizing the time with each client depending on their lash density.

General Rule of Thumb with Elleebana:

For first time clients, you can process for 6min for Step1 (lift lotion) and 5min for Step 2 (setting lotion). Just remember, this is a rule of thumb and some clients may even need less time and others longer.


A handy advanced processing time sheet will be included in your lash lifting kit! Keep this on hand for a quick reference guide.

Thin lashes: 4-5min lift lotion / 3-4min setting / 3min ReGen

Medium lashes: 5-6min lift lotion / 4-5min setting / 4min ReGen

Thick lashes:

6-8min lift lotion / 5min setting / 5min ReGen

(We never go above 10 min for the lift lotion or 5 min for the setting)

Elleebana is a two step system with a third step introduced last year!

Here’s the Breakdown:

  • Step 1: Lash Lift Lotion
  • Step 2: Setting Lotion
  • Step 3: Elleeplex ReGen (optional but highly recommended)

Click HERE to purchase ReGen

Elleeplex Re-GEN is a plant based lash protection system that is vital for building strength during the lash lift process! This powerful product is packed with amino acids to help condition and boost moisture content in the lashes. Here is a breakdown of the benefits and why you should be using ReGEN in your lash lift services:

  • promotes healthy lash growth
  • protects against damage
  • strengthens and nourishes the hair
  • eliminates dryness
  • conditions and moisturizes the lashes

Although this step is optional, we highly recommend adding in this powerhouse product to keep your clients lashes healthy and strong during their lash lift treatments,!

YES! Elleebana not only has one aftercare product, but two!

Let’s learn about those:

Elleeplex Aftercare Formula - this aftercare treatment is packed with amino acids, hydrolyzed rice and keratin proteins, collagen and vitamin complex ingredients to give your clients lashes strength, a gloss appearance and to help repair the hair after the lash lift processing. It also has sunflower oil which will help the lash and/or brow tint last longer. This product can be used on lashes and brows and may be used daily underneath mascara or as a night wear conditioning treatment.

Elleevate Mascara- this product has been loved by many since it was released in 2017. This mascara is light-weight and buildable giving your clients lashes the complete finished look after their lash lift! Elleevate Mascara is also packed with amino acids such as keratin, biotin and arginine to promote healthy lash growth, conditioning agent and boosts moisture!

Elleebana has two different types of adhesives to choose from!

Both adhesives are a water soluble synthetic polymer, making these adhesives very gentle on the skin and lashes. They are flexible and strong with excellent film forming properties.

So what’s the difference? Elleebana’s Stronghold Adhesive offers a 10% stronger hold on the lashes as well as added benefits of keratin and biotin to offer the lashes support during the service.

How do I know which Elleebana product to buy? If you like need more time to separate the lashes, I really like the original adhesive. This product has a slower set time so you have more time to lift the lashes onto the rod and carefully separating them before the lashes are held into place! With the stronghold adhesive, it sets much quicker so you need to move faster or work in smaller sections. However, a benefit to this product is the lashes are really set on the rod, so when you remove step 1 before applying step 2, you won’t need to re-lift the lashes onto the rod as much as you would with the original adhesive. Both are amazing and you can’t go wrong with either option! 3

During the application you should be dispensing a new glue dot on your adhesive sticker or glue ring every 15-30 minutes. This will ensure you are using fresh glue that has not been over exposed to air and moisture and improve the adhesion to the natural lash.

Lash Lifting Adhesive 3 months once opened / 12months unopened.

Elleeplex & Elleevate 3-6 months once opened / 3 years unopened.

Elleeplex Re-GEN 6 months once opened / 2 years unopened.

Lash Lift & Setting Lotions has an expiration date on the box as well as the individual sachets! Once opened, you have 24hrs to use remaining product.

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